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You can create free or paid courses (including lessons and quizzes) and let students preview your course’s description, curriculum, instructors and many more.

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  • Add Course Title
  • Add Course Description
  • Add Curriculum for Course:

– You can Select Lesson or Select Quiz to add the lesson/quiz that you have already created

– Or you can create new lesson/quiz there (those will be automatically added to the lesson/quiz library later)

  • Add Tag and Category for Course to group related courses together

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  • General Settings

– Set the course Duration. After this duration, course author can decide to either hide the course or leave it visible

– Set the number of Retake. Users can only retake if they passed the course before. Users can retake as many times without rebuy the course

  • Assessment

– Provide several options to evaluate course result and set passing grade

  • Payment Settings

– Course payment:

  1. Disable this to set free course
  2. Enable this to set price and sale price

– Requires enroll: When course is free,

  1. Disable this to allow public users to enroll
  2. Enable this to allow only registered users to enroll
  • Review Logs

– Record of course changes before publishing

  • Author Settings

– You can assign an user as the course author

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You can create lessons, set their preview-ability and add them to course curriculum.

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  • Add Lesson Title
  • Add Lesson Description
  • Choose the Lesson Format

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  • Lesson Settings

– Set the lesson Duration

– Preview Lesson: If this setting is enabled, users can preview the lesson content without enrolling the course

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You can create quizzes and add them to course curriculum.

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  • Add Quiz Title
  • Add Quiz Description
  • Add Questionsto the Quiz:

– You can Add Existing Question to add the questions that you have already created

– Or you can Add New question there (those will be automatically added to the question library later)

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  • General Settings

– Set the quiz Duration. After this duration, the quiz cannot be accessed

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You can create questions and add them to quizzes.

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  • Add Question Title
  • Add Question Description
  • Choose the type of question:

– There are 3 default question types: True or FalseMultiple Choice, and Single Choice

– You can add more choices to the question if needed

  • Add Tag for Questions to group related questions together